Compare And Contrast Randy And Henry Carne Brady

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Two giants of the twentieth century, Henry Drummond and Matthew Harrison Brady, confront each other in the courtroom, arguing passionately for their beliefs. When the verdict is delivered, Bertram Cates is found guilty; however, Drummond is convinced that Cates has won. (Thesis statement): Despite the guilty verdict, the outcome of the trial can be considered a victory for Drummond, Cates, and science and a crushing defeat for Brady and Fundamentalism.

Brady has been put on the stand by Drummond to talk about the bible were Brady cannot recite biblical accounts and has put Drummond in the driver's seat to winning the jury. “Good now if what you say is actually factually happened-if joshua halted the sun in the sky-that means the earth stopped …show more content…

People in Hillsboro now see Cates as a hero. “What jury? Twelve men? Will say you won.” (p. 122). At the end of the trial Cates realized how he changed the world. He saw how he fought for the right to express himself and fight for what he believes in. People from all around saw how he fought and won and were encouraged to do so themselves. “You’ve helped the next fella.” (p.123). When Drummond said this to Cates he was saying that people that have beliefs can fight for anything if they believe in it. “You made it a joke!” (p.122) Cates fought so hard and showed people that they can fight for things if you try hard enough and he did he tried so hard he made it a …show more content…

As they talk at the end of the trial they say that they will never pay the fine as they will go and get it appealed. At the End of the play Drummond slams darwin's theory and the bible together to make it so that people can understand that people can believe in either one. Cates has just won the trial but for Brady it has been a downfall he went into the courtroom thinking he was going to win but Drummond turned it around and made Brady look like a fool in front of the world and Hillsboro. Bradys side of things is completely

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