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Hamlet Journal Setting: When and where does the story take place? Most of the play takes place during the Renaissance period in Demark. The play features some outdoor scenes, but most of the drama occurs inside Hamlet’s castle. Characterization: Who are the main characters of the story? The main characters in the story are Hamlet, Claudius (Hamlet’s uncle and new king of Denmark), his mother Gertrude, and the Ghost (Hamlet’s dead father) who sets in motion Hamlet’s ordeal in avenging his father’s death. Who is/are the protagonist and antagonist? The main protagonist in the play is Hamlet. After being told by his dead father that the new king was responsible for his death, Hamlet struggles with the issue of coming up with a plan to counter his uncle. The play’s antagonist is Claudius. He realized that Hamlet knows that he killed his father and now manipulates things to destroy Hamlet. Are they static or dynamic characters? Although the characters do not show significant transformation during the play, regret and some religious elements do change some of their actions. Does the author use direct exposition or indirect revelation to tell you what the characters are like? The reader or the audience learns about the characters from their actions throughout the play. Each character response to their dilemmas helps the audience understand who they are. For example, Claudius actions define him as an unscrupulous individual whose jealousy and desire for power makes him

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