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Chaz Dean is one of the biggest names in style and beauty in Hollywood and on Broadway. He is known all over for his incredible hairstyles and his remarkable haircare system that changed the industry. We have all seen the infomercials about his award winning haircare system Wen by Chaz. The commercials feature come of the most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood flipping and tossing hair that looks so shiny and has so much body thanks to the all natural and easy to use Wen system. But does the Wen Haircare system actually work? Is it safe? Is it as simple as it is claimed to be? Is it worth the money? One reporter for decided to try it out for herself. She is also a professional stylist working for a premier salon and her appearance is a vital part of her own occupation. The reporter chose the classic sweet almond peppermint cleansing conditioner by Wen and started a 7 day regimen to see what would happen with her normally flat and slightly oily fine hair. To simply put it, the results were everything that Wen claimed they would be. She followed the routin prescribed, choosing for her own hair chemistry to do it in the mornings during a shower. Within a couple of days her hair had changed as a basil level. It had more shine, more body, more bounce and apart from finding that her curls fell a little …show more content…

The all natural solution is simple to use and leaves hair looking naturally healthy, with more shine, bounce and body. The product comes in a three formulas, repairing pomegranate, relaxing lavender and the original sweet almond peppermint. The base product is the cleansing conditioner which is used once a day in the shower, just as a normal 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner product would be. Additional products for styling, repairing and building are also available to help a person get the best looking and healthiest hair

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