Chemical Reaction Lab Report Results

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Objective: The purpose of this experiment was to gain a better understanding of what a chemical reaction is, how to identify if one actually occurred and correctly show one using a balanced chemical equation. Students will achieve this by mixing substances and attempting to determine whether a reaction took place using prior knowledge of indicators that determine the presence of a chemical reaction. Materials: Safety goggles Aluminum foil Beaker 50 mL of distilled water Copper (II) Chloride (CuCl2) Thermometer Scale Discussion: In chemistry, a chemical reaction is the process by which one or more initial substances change into a new substance through a process of chemical changes. There are multiple indicators that a chemical reaction has occurred such as, temperature change, color change, gas production, and the formation of a precipitate. However, while these are good indicators the best way to determine whether a chemical reaction has occurred is through a chemical analysis. Procedure: Safety Notes: Dress appropriately with long sleeves, long pants, and close toed shoes …show more content…

Observe the changes of the foil and solution and write them down Pre-Lab Questions: No pre lab questions for this lab. Summary: See attached

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