Cheryl Diamond Critique

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Imagine; you’re fourteen years old, and you venture to New York City, with the aspiration to be a model. Cheryl Diamond accomplished that goal. She began living in New York at the age of 16 by herself. She was raised by two parents, moving around a lot. She’s had ups and downs, and now she’s done shoots with companies such as Clairol, Armani, L’Oréal, and even walked in NYC Fashion Week. While the journey has been bumpy, Cheryl Diamond had made something of herself. Cheryl Diamond is the main character of the book, Model. She traveled to New York City as a fourteen year old, going to agencies, trying to get signed. At her young age, she was signed to an agency. Devastatingly, after 9/11, the company was shut down, and she was sent back to square one. She began to hunt for another agency, and she decided to sign with an agency called Prima. While waiting to become a star …show more content…

She goes to a hair shoot, where they tell her that they are going to use temporary hair dye, and only snip off a tiny piece during the show. The company, ‘Alfaparf’, explains that the temporary orange hair dye isn’t working, but when she refuses to use permanent dye on her hair, they lie to her, and put it in anyway. Cheryl rejects the permanent color because of her career. Her long blond hair provided her with many of her shows, so this was absolutely devastating to her. During the show, the hairstylist cut off much of her hair, leaving it short and frayed. Cheryl then returns to her parents’ home, under her mother and father’s care. After a few weeks, she realizes that life goes on. She begins to start to take care of herself, and the family begins to restart Cheryl’s life. My personal opinion on this scene is that Cheryl was being somewhat dramatic. While this caused Cheryl’s career to suffer for a temporary period of time, she easily could’ve gone to school and done something else for a

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