Chesapeake Colonies Vs New England Colonies Essay

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The Chesapeake and New England colonies are some of the most important English colonies of today. Both have very unique characteristics. The settlers traveled to america as individuals to start a life of their own by creating their own society. The imigrants who colonoized New england where more religious and devout while the Chesapeake settlers came for financial reasons. The New England colony was eventually founded for religious freedom. These colonies included, connecticut, Rhode island , Massachussets and new hampshire, which were all part of the thirteen colonies. In the early 1600s the Mayflower arrived. The pilgrims settled and made a colony of their own known as Plymouth Colony. Not Long after that the puritans arrived. They wanted a chance to practice their religion without interference and to make a better life out of themselves. The settlers of new england were puritans who left england during the great migration. The journey of the New World began with the puritans, who did not agree with the church of england so they decided to develop the massachusetts bay colony. This colony consisted of Unity and religion. John winthrop soon became the governor and called the puritan built city the “City upon a hill” The new England colonies were more well rounded with agriculture, lumber, and fishing. …show more content…

One being that they were both english settlements. Over time the New england and Chesapeake faced conflict with the native american tribes, this eventually turned into dispute. The english colonists were against the pequot tribe, which eventually turned into the “pequot war”. Between the Chesapeake they had major conflict with the powhattan indians. Although both settlements had their conflicts and hard times, they were both able to bring many people from england willing to start over and better themselves with a new

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