Child Labour Solutions

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Child labor initiated long time ago and still continuing till now , child labor might have been a huge problem all over the world. Kids were usually made to perform difficult jobs that were surprisingly risky for them to perform. Regardless the period the children had performed ; they do these hard work for specific . Since they were physically developed ,they feel responsible for their families . For kids performing this implied jobs ; it could affect their personality massively . Child labor affect kids mentally and physically and it’s extremely dangerous for them because they almost work in hard fields like: agriculture, repairing cars, selling things on roads and more. As (C.Ragab) (n.d) noted: ”Children working on the street are oftentimes …show more content…

Illiteracy also is one of the impression s that termination from the small fry Labor and has a negative encroachment on the social club and the children themselves. It result on the state’s economic system and the society because when the illiteracy step-up because of not letting the children go to school and learn, it will effect on the society and the economic system negatively and destroy them too, it will also help in increasing the percentage of the impoverishment and if that happen, it will destroy the land and kill people. Illiteracy also Edward Thatch the children a very badness behaviours, bad run-in and bad thoughts that turn them a bad people while they should be a goodness children going to school to learn so they can one day build their country’s future, develop their society and increase their economy and make it

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