Pros And Cons Of Child Labor

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#1 Child labor is very important towards poor families who need extra help bringing food and money in the house. Most children under the age of ten start working in order to help bring in a decent amount of money in order to help their parents and siblings survive. Children are not incompetent; most realize when their parents are struggling to make ends meat, they try to help out as much as they can and most decided that, even though they are young, they have to start doing more therefore most decide to start working. The jobs they receive often don’t pay much so in order to have higher pay most children work for hours on end in order to bring in more money especially if they come from extremely poor families. “Victor chapani started working when he was 10- a few hours a day- rounding up passengers minibuses in his impoverished city of El Alto, Bolivia... earning less than a dollar an hour… “United,” he says, sounding like a seasoned adult laborite, “we as child workers can achieve anything.” There are children all over the world just like victor who are only working in order to take care and provide for his family, even though he’s not getting the amount of money that would help provided for his family better he still works because he knows he needs the job.

#2 Poor families are extremely known for struggling and not having enough supplies, money and food to prove for themselves especially if they and kids. Most people are sending their children to work is because

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