Children In Sports

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SPT1727 – CW1 Children involvement in sport is often seen as beneficial, as it will influence their health and fitness, teaches them respect and sportsmanship (Lang & Hartil, 2015). In sport, as children have so much involvement in sport, they’re vulnerable to both physical and emotional abuse as there is opportunity for unsupervised contact with children in sport, which can have a lasting effect on the children in their future years (MacAuley, 1996). Sport is now becoming a high risk environment, as their care is being given to the hands of coaches, who may than misuse their power and take advantage of children’s and young people’s vulnerability (MacAuley, 1996). In this essay It will be discussing the child protection in sport unit’s safeguarding …show more content…

Sports that are labelled as feminine are often seen to be appropriate for women and is why once a Men plays a feminine sport they’re seen as gay (Koivula, 2001) sport such as figure skating, gymnastics, swimming and netball (Coakley & Pike, 2009). Coakley & Pike (2009), also explained that Men who are seen as nurturing and supportive of other people are defined as weak and a Women job, as they’re expected to play the support role for Men in sport. Once a girl decides to start playing sport, they may be pushed away from progressing by their parents, as society has made them believe that being a girl and having any involvement in sport, will attract lesbians and automatically make them one as well, which will create fear in the girls mind and make them conform to their traditional gender roles in society (Coakley & Pike, 2009) Judging Men and Women on the gender and their chosen goes against the CPSU safeguarding standard 5, as the criteria states that “the responsibility of adults and children to treat one another with dignity, respect, sensitivity and fairness” (CPSU, 2006. pp. 9). As more girls/women have got more involved in sport in recent years, female athletes are still considered to still be inferior to male athlete (Trolan, 2013), the reason for this because from the early stages of a boy’s life they’re taught to play sport and watch it as well, whereas girls are taught that’s sports is for boys (Trolan, 2013), also as Men are given this dominate context in sport, which may discourage the participation of girls and Women to take part in sport (Coakley & Pike, 2009). Furthermore, Messner (2007) also explained that girls in school are channelled away from playing sport. From my understanding in relation to safeguarding standard 5, Women are not given the same chances as

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