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Since the 1990s, there has been a comprehensive tendency in art. With the development of recreational and popular culture and the wide spread of digital media, people began to be interested in interactive medias, video art and audio-visual communications. And with the popularity of the Internet, many people indulge in the realization of ideals in the virtual world. Art design is no longer the concept with narrow sense as it was. Modern art designs face challenges from new technologies like new media art, internet multimedia, virtual reality, digital art and multimedia advertisements. At the same time, with new diverse aesthetic standards, new visual communications will break the limitation of the traditional designs, which makes it a cross…show more content…
The importance of national culture in digital design Chinese traditional art has a long history and plays an important position in world art. However, in someone’s eyes, the western countries are superior to our countries in all aspects, for we were left far behind them a century in economy and art, and it is too naff. They think that in the process of the reform, there is a need for the combination with the western culture and connection to international practice and that without doing so, Chinese art is only an undignified folk art. Fortunately, more and more people realized that something with national characteristics is really what the world like. Chinese traditional art has its own artistic system. The typical Chinese philosophy of “harmony between man and nature” has great influence on art as Mr. Li Zehou once said “ Chinese ancient philosophers firmly believed that the nature of the world and human society is the harmony, which is the highest level of beauty. This is a plain but provoking thought.” As a part of traditional eastern culture, Chinese traditional art embodies the unique aesthetic idea and cultural symbols. The earlier generations of artists have made numerous designs with national features and originality. The list is endless, from the palaces and pavilions to furniture, decoration and ornaments, to calligraphy and paintings, which reflect this aesthetic idea referred to as the highest spirit inheriting and reflecting the highest state of Chinese…show more content…
It is made up of five lovely cartoon figures symbolizing friendship, peace, enterprising spirit and good wish for the harmony between human being and the nature. The aspiration of the images of fish, panda, Tibetan antelope, swallow and the flame originate from the five Olympic Rings, from Chinese mountains and rivers and the favorite animals. Each Fuwa has his or her household name: “Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying and Nini”. In China, people like to use a word with two identical syllables to show the love for children. If the names of five Fuwa are put together, it sounds like “Beijing Huan ying Ni” in Chinese. (“Beijing welcome you” in English). In addition, the decorations on their heads symbolize the connection to the sea, forest, fire, the earth and the sky. Here the Chinese traditional art is used in the design to show people Chinese splendid culture since it is the tradition to convey good wishes by using symbols in Chinese tradition, and these five Fuwa symbolize prosperity, happiness, passion, health and

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