Statue Of Liberty Controversy

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Monuments that are constructed in order to give commendation to people, places, or events are located all over the globe. It is very possible for someone to find a few in their very own town. Although there may be negative controversy on certain monuments, many throughout the world have changed individual’s lives tremendously in a beneficial way. One monument in particular has stood tall through it all and has had so much positive effect on millions of people from the beginning of time. One hundred and thirty years later this monument continues to impact people’s lives from all over the world.
On October 28th, 1886, the United States of America accepted the Statue of Liberty from France as a recognition of America’s freedom and democracy. …show more content…

The monument boosted self-confidence within women and allowed them to see themselves as an important component of America’s culture. Seeing a women being portrayed as powerful, patriotic, and authoritative inspired many to believe they could someday exemplify all these characteristics as well. The creation of the Statue of Liberty was a blessing in disguise for America. However, it did provoke a dispute between women and men on October 28th, 1886, when the United States held a ceremony for the completion of the Statue of Liberty. Women were banned from this celebration making them enraged. How is it fair that a giant woman statue can be so admirable and important to America but the women of America are not important enough to join the men in celebration of her? The answer is quite simple: the circumstance was anything but fair. As a result a group of women decided to create a ceremony of their own in a nearby harbor. During this ceremony they worshiped the lovely Lady Liberty while protesting about the deceitfulness of men: “erecting a Statue of Liberty embodied as a woman in a land where no woman has political liberty” (source G). Despite the fact that the Women’s Rights Movement wouldn’t spark until a couple years later, the …show more content…

Symbolism is displayed from top to bottom within the figure itself. These symbols are meant to spread the statue’s message not only in America but all over the world. For example, the seven points on the crown exemplify the seven seas and continents around the globe. It emphasizes that liberty should be dispersed universally and shared among all people (Source D). Along with the idea of liberty and freedom is where the torch also makes its mark. It emphasis that light (hope and willingness) is needed to achieve these two concepts; this is also where the statue got the original name “Lady of Enlightenment” (source F). Lady liberty is also holding a tablet which symbolizes a book of laws dated July 4th, 1776 (the day America gained independence). This book represents the need for laws in order for freedom to continue to be a part of our country. There are chains and a defective shackle at the statue’s feet that make a notice to the end of suppression and enslavement for women, which is another example of the United States starting to take a step towards more rights and appreciation for females. The chains also allow everyone to see that America is a place where you are free from oppression unlike a lot of countries. Each of these individual symbols are important when conveying the ultimate message of The Statue of Liberty (Source D). Furthermore it is important that these pieces continue to guide Americans

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