Tone In Harrison Bergeron's 'Harrison Bergeron'

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Tone, the general character or attitude the author has towards a piece of writing. The tone in “Harrison Bergeron” is represented, by the author, in a number of techniques that writers have in their arsenal such as, satire, irony, symbolism and diction. The author uses Satire many times thought this story to give us something to think about and ponder instead of giving us what we are supposed to think. For example; when he tells us about the ballerinas and how they are held down by weights and how a horrid mask covers their beauty, we are saddened and depressed by the fact that something so beautiful and wonderful has to be covered up and weighted down just for everyone to be normal and the same. In another part of the story we see that all news casters have severe speech impediments which makes see the absurdity of the normalcy that is forced on the criticizes of the country. Another example of satire is when the ballerina starts speaking in a beautiful and melodious voice then because of fear from the law that forces her to pretend to have a horrible voice that the author describes as a “grackle and squawk” after we see this we do not …show more content…

One of the most important symbols of this story is Harrison; he symbolizes the revolution that everyone wants ad needs, he also symbolizes independence and doing what you think is right. We know this because he is the only one in the story who at least tries to gain independence and freedom. Another important symbol are the handicaps; which symbolize the oppression, conformity and the false equality. The handicaps show this because they are the tools the government uses to oppress people and stop them from being themselves. Symbolism shows the tone of foreboding because every symbol relates to something that could happen like the handicaps are like chains that hold us back and Harrison is like the revolutionist with a new idea or

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