1. What Challenges Did Immigrants Face Upon Arrival In America?

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1. What challenges did immigrants face upon arrival in America? Immigrants traveled a hard and long voyage across the ocean to America in hopes of better jobs and futures with less discrimination. When they saw the Statue of Liberty they knew they had arrived at Ellis Island, in New York. The statue was a symbol of hope and freedom to them because they knew better opportunities were awaiting there. However, immigrants were faced with several challenges when they arrived. For instance, immigrants went through a screening process and not all immigrants could stay. If the doctor diagnosed them with a contagious disease they were forced to leave. Although, most immigrants could stay. Ellis Island, “was America’s main processing station for immigrants, between 1892 and …show more content…

They could learn from them about the new area and culture. They could receive their help in finding jobs and schools to attend. They could still celebrate their special customs and holidays, cook their type of food, and speak their own language all while living in a different nation. In addition, Immigrants could still worship their own religion. They could have separate churches, houses of worship, for each of their religions. They would also learn by going through the process of acculturation. Immigrants would adapt to their new surroundings by learning everything they can to survive and do well in their new nation. Immigrants would learn English and send their children to school to learn English and all about American culture. “Immigrants learned how to use American institutions such as schools, factories, and the political system.” (online book, page 588) Immigrants would have to still face some discrimination and persecution in learning to live in a new nation but they would adjust. Immigrants could learn to live in a new nation with help from others and

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