Chris Mccandless Dream

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For many people the ability to pick up and leave everything they know is just a far-fetched idea that they dream but for Chris McCandless this dream became a reality during the early 1990s. Into the Wild, directed by Sean Penn is based on a book about the story of Chris McCandless written John Krakauer. The story of McCandless takes the audience on a sight-seeing trip from the streets of Los Angeles and Mexico to the desolate landscapes of “Scab City” in California and the Alaskan Wilderness. Through his time on his own McCandless evolved his identity from a post graduate, bogged down by society and a messed up home life to a man who no longer needed anyone’s input on how to find his own happiness. Three stylized moments, those that are…show more content…
As the sequence starts the audience hears again a non-diegetic score as well as an establishing shot, used to establish a specific place or time in a film, giving the audience Alex’s location as well as placing a setting on the sequence. From this establishing shot the camera cuts to a low-angle right to left pan showing Alex walking along a fallen trees through the vast wilderness that now surrounds him. The camera then cuts to a catipllier crawling on a branch and through the use of a rack focus the views see Alex walking along the forest floor. Through shifting the focus from one plane to the other in this case the catipllier to Alex, nature is a key focus in this sequence. As the sequence goes on the audience is given both a non-diegetic sound as well as the diegetic sound of the forest, including birds, water running, and the ground crunching as Alex walks. The sequence progresses into several cuts back and forth between a deer and a clockwise pan of Alex in the forest, a shot of him standing, and then a slow zoom bringing Alex closer to the audience and allow them to see him looking up into the sky. From here the camera cuts to a shot of an airplane and the condensation trail behind it and cuts once more for a close look of the plane now hearing diegetic sound of its engines. The final shot of this stylized sequence shows Alex walking forward to pick up a straw hat laying on the ground. The camera shows his face lit up with a huge smile as he brings the hat up to his
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