Christian Art Research Paper

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Good Christian art displays the common human experience. Roomaker supports this claim. He believes that God-honoring art promotes truth, values honesty, avoids exhibitionism, displays the lovely, and focuses on the praiseworthy. He says that when Christian art values honesty, this means that Christian art attests honestly to the human condition. Thus, a Christian artist will not intentionally avoid displaying the sinful aspects of humanity. Rookmaker also believes that exhibitionist art does not meet the qualifications of Christian art; he believes that Christian art displays the lovely. This means that Christian art, whatever topic it displays, will beautifully express God’s truth. Rookmaker’s will help develop the assertion that good Christian art must honestly reflect the human experience.
My thesis asserts that Christian art must display a Christian worldview. Gasque believes that Christian art does not need to have a Christian artist, but that it does need to display a Christian worldview. Gasque says that Christian art “may not be made by professing Christians, but it exhibits explicitly or …show more content…

Homan believes that Christians who make art for a Christian audience create Christian art (2). At this point in my research, I disagree with the ideas Homan presents in The Art of the Sublime: Principles of Christian Art and Architecture. Christian art must take its example from the Bible, a book that displays the common human experience, not just the Christian experience. I could connect this source with Boxers & Saints by showing that Yang believes that art should display a more universal—or complete—depiction of humanity. Yang portrays Dr. Wong, in Boxers & Saints as the compassionate figure in his books. I can connect this source with Boxers & Saints, and The Liberated Imagination; it would serve as a good

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