Citizen Kane Cinematography

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Citizen Kane is a 1941 American drama film directed, co-written, produced, and starring Orson Welles. The film, which is considered a masterpiece of American cinema, was Welles's first feature film and was released by RKO Pictures. It tells the story of Charles Foster Kane, a powerful newspaper publisher whose life and legacy are explored through a newsreel-style narrative and a series of flashbacks.

The music for Citizen Kane was composed by Bernard Herrmann, who was an American composer known for his work in film and television. Herrmann's score for Citizen Kane is widely regarded as one of the greatest in the history of cinema. He was also known for his work with director Alfred Hitchcock, composing the scores for films such as Psycho and Vertigo. …show more content…

The music in the clip is a powerful and emotive underscore that adds to the dramatic tone of the scene.

In the first time segment, 0:30-1:17, the music is slow and contemplative, with a sense of nostalgia. As the montage shows Kane's life as a young boy, the music supports the dialogue by adding to the emotional depth of the scene. It also helps to establish a sense of innocence and purity that will be lost later in Kane's life.

In the second time segment, 1:18-2:00, the music becomes more fast-paced and energetic, as Kane becomes an adult and takes control of his newspaper empire. The music supports the dialogue by adding to the sense of power and ambition that Kane possesses.

In the final time segment, 2:00-2:39, the music slows down again, becoming more contemplative and melancholic. As the montage shows Kane's life in his later years, the music supports the dialogue by adding to the sense of loneliness and regret that Kane

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