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Manika Bhatt Ms. Choi English 11 17 April 2023 Civil Disobedience Final Paper The name of this civil disobedience is Anti-Apartheid. A key figure that fought for anti-apartheid was Nelson Mandela. The Anti-Apartheid movement started on June 26, 1959, and ended in the year of 1994. The cause of Anti-Apartheid movement, a movement that was created after the South African National Party Government won the election and made the system of racial segregation through legislation. One person can improve society if they educate the public about the problem and inform them about what can be done to solve that problem, along with fighting for what they know is right. Nelson Mandela engaged in civil disobedience by fighting for a better world while negotiating …show more content…

In the article “Mandela's Speech Upon Release from Prison (1990)” Nelson Mandela states, “Today, the majority of South Africans, black and white, recognize that apartheid has no future...There must be an end to white monopoly on political power and a fundamental restructuring of our political and economic systems to ensure that the inequalities of apartheid are addressed, and our society thoroughly democratized...Our march toward freedom is irreversible. We must not allow fear to stand in our way.."(Mandela). Mandela talks about how much effort they put in to get their freedom and get their society equal. From the article “Nelson Mandela, 1918 - 2013; Anti-Apartheid Icon Reconciled a Nation” by Robyn Dixon she states, “Mandela was an inspiration to millions of blacks seeking to end the oppression of more than four decades of apartheid, and his continued incarceration spawned international censure of South Africa's white-minority government.”(Dixon). Mandela inspired millions of blacks by trying to end apartheid, and his incarceration led to censure of white people in South Africa. The impact of this civil disobedience was Mandela was put into prison for trying to sabotage a major government movement. The result of this civil disobedience was apartheid came to an end and Nelson Mandela became a major key figure and eventually at the age of 75 he became the president of South

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