Civil War DBQ Essay

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The Civil War was a national devastation that had a deep impact on American society. In 1863, Lincoln proposed the Emancipation Proclamation declaring the slaves would be free, though it was limited only to the rebellious states. By careful preparation of the document, Lincoln ensured that it would offer a positive impact on the Union efforts and to redefine the purpose of the civil war. The results of the emancipation continued to have an abrupt and profound effect of equality and social justice (Roark, 402). The Proclamation allowed the recruitment of freed slaves and freed African Americans as soldiers to strengthen the Union’s manpower militarily and politically to preserve it. Over the next couple of years, approximately 175,000 African American men fought in the Union army (Roark, 403). It opened the doorway into weakening the Southern planter aristocracy while …show more content…

The legislature abolished slavery and other forms of involuntary services in the United States. All African Americans living within the boundaries of the nation would be set free. Following the thirteenth amendment, two amendments were added to the Constitution. In 1865, the fourteenth amendment granted citizenship to all people who were born in the United States. In 1869, the fifteenth amendment guaranteed that Americans would not be denied the right to vote based on their race. The three amendments deeply magnified the civil rights of Americans (Roark, 431-433). The Emancipation Proclamation had an impact in American history. Although it limited the roles in freeing slaves, it had an influence on the African American community. The Proclamation has been controversial, but it provided slaves with a sense of independence and liberty, transforming the Civil War into a fight for equality. Lastly, the thirteenth amendment created a civil rights movement that would inspire advocates injustice for all African

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