Civil War Dbq

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The civil war of the United States emerged from the differences between the southern and northern states. Differences in the way they interpreted the economy, politics and slavery. This war brought sacrifice, pain and many deaths for both sides. At one point the Americans wanted to tell their story, each side had its own version. Since the thirteen colonies were separated from Great Britain, the congress created the document Articles of the Confederation. These documents held that each state would be independent and maintain its sovereignty; and that all states had to be united to form a common front to guarantee their welfare. At that time the congress was the only form of government that they had, they had just liberated themselves from …show more content…

The Civil War only exposed the differences that existed between the states of the same country. The United States was a divided country, long before the civil war began. Both had different interests and this contributed to the fact that they decided to separate. One important legacy that the Civil War has left us, were the abolition of slavery; even when at the time we live in today, there is still racism and discrimination. The abolition of slavery helped slaves to be physically free, but it takes so much work to get freedom in their civil rights. Even today there is still a long way to go, to say that slavery ended. The triumph of the Union in the civil war, intensified the racial problem, the southern Americans did not want to accept the defeat and created the Ku Klux Klan; a group formed by Confederate soldiers with the purpose of continuing the persecution of the blacks. Even when this group was dissolved in 1870, in the current era there are still racist groups that call themselves White Supremacy Groups. The Civil War had a very high cost; the loss of American lives, separation of families that fought in different sides and great economic losses. In the end, each American has a different opinion and vision about the war, but the most important thing is the lesson of life that this war left to the American people. This war shows, that they are a strong nation and that despite the situations and problems that may arise, they can start over again. This war created the basis for the United States, to be the world power nation that it is

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