Civil War Thesis

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The Civil War is identified as the first modern war in American history; this war was historic in many different aspects. No war in previous history had two armies of such great magnitude confront each other on the same battle field, armed with deadly and more accurate weapons. Furthermore, the casualties in this war were immense in comparison to anything our country had experienced as both fighting sides were made up of Americans. Lastly, politics played a large part in this war; political leaders had the difficult task of "[mobilizing] economic resources" and continually motivate society to fight.
If you ask many historians about the Civil War, they will tell you the same thing - the war was heavily favored toward the Union. To start, the …show more content…

Abraham Lincoln didn't care how many lives were lost in this war as long as our country wasn't split into two separate entities. This view he established started to transfigure as time elapsed, morphing its focus towards freeing the slaves. In fact, he believed that emancipation was a political and militaristic strategy necessary for the success of our country as a whole and published the Emancipation Proclamation in the summer of 1862. By doing so, their was an increase in support of the war in the North, with both abolitionists and free blacks willing to …show more content…

Furthermore, the act called for an increase in taxes for schools and public jobs, for which no one wanted to pay. The main reason, though, was that white southerners would not acknowledge that African Americans were able to vote, hold public office, and be treated as an equal in society. If the act wasn't repealed, many white supremacists were planning to overthrow it and some even resorted to violence, starting up secret societies like the Klu Klux

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