Civil War Dbq Essay

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In the early to mid 1800s, there were debates between political parties, social groups, people with different ways of life, and more. The goal of these debates varied from wanting to get laws passed, wanting certain taboos to be eliminated, or just wanting to be left alone. However, these debates always sought to get the other side to agree, which almost never happened. In the 1830 to 1860 era, debates over slavery weren’t the most important factors that led to the Civil War. The most significant factors that led to the American Civil War were political, economic, and social issues of the time; the debates over slavery, at this time, were not the most important things that people of that era had to worry about. In 1860, there was a controversial presidential election that changed the course of American history forever. This election ended with Abraham Lincoln winning …show more content…

The most important social issues during the antebellum era were the issues regarding the South’s perceived oppression from the federal government and the differing ideas over how black people should be viewed on federal, state, and social levels. Though debates over slavery were one of the issues separating them, the North and the South had a plethora of different issues that overshadowed the ones regarding slavery. The actual issue over slavery was just another one of the subjects that Northerners and Southerners argued about. Though, nowadays, it seems like slavery was one of if not the main debate topic that led to the American Civil War, it doesn’t seem that way when taking a closer look. Though slavery wasn’t as much of a mainstream issue that led to the Civil War as many today believe, there is no doubt that slavery was a significant issue at the time. Some of the seceding states even wrote that the federal government’s hostility towards slavery was a reason for them leaving in their official

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