Civil War Meeting Experience

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It was a chilly afternoon in the middle of the packed streets of Washington DC. I walked slowly to the confines of the White House just around the corner from my hotel. I was reviewing the information that I will be giving during my meeting with the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. The brisk winter breeze which filled the streets of the capital with tension and depression caused my lungs to expand with anxiety. I couldn't seem to shake the overwhelming sense of nervousness as I knew deep within this meeting would have lasting effects on the ongoing Civil War. While being checked into the White House by security, I notice that the white man next to me was released a lot sooner than I was. Finally security let's me go onward to the Office of Mr. Abraham Lincoln, where the …show more content…

Covey’s reputation of being a “slave breaker”. Mr. Lincoln seemed to be so interested in the category, which made it much easier discussing the hardship that occurred at the plantation. At times, I get choked up as I talked about seeing family and friends die during my stay. Mr. Lincoln shocked at the depressing details of my story politely says, “take your time Mr. Douglass, I understand this is a hard subject to talk about.” Continuing through my study I gradually get to the day where the altercation occurred. I look at Mr. Lincoln and said, “I was working in the field when I was approached by Mr. Covey. He kicked me and abused me, even called others names to go work, but in that moment I thought they were coming over to beat me also. I had enough of it, I finally cracked when he hit me again.” As I go into more detail about the altercation, I see Mr. Lincoln’s eyes fill with shame and disgust regarding the reality of slavery. Lincoln goes on to say to me, “this needs to be abolished now, slavery is breaking families away from each other and it shows the real life account of how brutal slavery is in

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