Civil War Women Essay

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Abraham Lincoln once said, “Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today” (Basler). Not only does this collection of words seem to inspire many today, but it reflects the thoughts of southern women throughout the Civil War. Although modern women are very close to having equal rights, the feelings of southern women during the civil war differed from those of whom live now. Since the southern belles were not respected the way that modern women are today, matters were taken into the hands of each brave woman during the time.
Before I begin to describe the powerful roles of women at and around the battlefield, it seems as if many do not know the influence that women had on the male soldiers as they went off to war. As the bloodshed of the …show more content…

This brings me to describe the other amazing role that women played in the civil war, such as: hidden soldiers, nurses, spies, war relief workers, and even simple homemakers. One of the most interesting a fascinating roles that women played during the great Civil War was being an undercover soldier. The numbers of hidden female soldiers range from 400-750. Since it was illegal for women to go to battle, the dames of that time had to disguise themselves. Not only does this mean their appearance, but also their name and voice. I can, of course, only imagine the secrecy of the circle of women who went off to war, changing their lives and leaving their pasts behind. The common misconception that people of our time seem to believe today is that women were caught easily and that women were severely, brutally punished if caught. If women had barely any rights fifty years ago, imagine the rights they had back then? The true facts state that women actually had a very small chance of being uncovered. They were only caught when they were being treated from the injuries of war. Typically, if a woman was caught in battle, she would be sent home without punishment, although there are some cases where there were severe

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