Claudette Colvin Thesis

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A lot of the time, adults mistake young people for immature, foolish, and deficient youngsters that are too naive to make decisions. Some"thing" not to be taken seriously. That's what happened to Claudette Colvin. She was judged and ridiculed by society and then forgotten like she was nobody. But the truth is she was the spark of the Civil Rights Revolution. Claudette was the beginning of something great. She was the change that no one saw.
Claudette Colvin was "15 years old when she refused to move to the back of the bus and give up her seat to a white person." (NPR) And in doing so became the inspiration to another great person known in history named Rosa Parks. Claudette was an adopted child and was raised in a poor neighborhood. (NPR) …show more content…

She was ridiculed by the police officers and they swore at her. (NPR) Claudette was treated as a "thing". Colvin was a strong person and a huge risk-taker. Colvin was scared because she knew there were punishments like lynchings and cross-burnings for what she did. (NPR) During this time not only were African Americans dealing with discrimination but women in general had no voice or authority to stand up. Colvin was a young woman who paid no attention to the laws regarding blacks not having equality and women not having the power to make decisions. She pushed those laws aside and stood up for what she believed in and made a grand revolution possible so that everyone could have equality and power to make …show more content…

(Studysync) Claudette was not known because people thought teenagers aren't reliable and said that Claudette became pregnant and that caused her to become emotional. (Studysync) This was not true Claudette didn't become pregnant until a while after. So when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat they thought she was a perfect symbol. Claudette was the inspiration for Rosa Parks. Colvin, Rosa, and other African Americans started the Montgomery bus Bus Boycott. She also became involved in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. This case was taken up to the state court, and that helped stop discrimination but not fully. Claudette didn't stop there, she and 3 other women filed a case for being harassed on the bus, and in doing so they were granted a huge civil rights victory. Later she moved to New York City and became involved in another movement. Colvin kept a low profile. (Democracy Now) Claudette continued her journey by getting involved in other civil rights movements and in doing so changed the world dramatically. It was because of Claudette's and Rosa Parks' stand that Martin Luther King Jr. took his stand as a Civil Rights leader. Claudette felt proud of what she did and did not regret anything. She was the reason that so many others stood up and the reason the court ordered an end to bus segregation. Claudette knew what she did was right. She said, " Being dragged off that bus was worth it just to see

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