Code Of Ethics In Surgical Technologist

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Code Of Ethics Regardless of any personal beliefs, Surgical Technologist have several professional standards to maintain when it comes to personal conduct and high patient care to uphold at all times. The entire medical team is responsible for keeping patient information confidential at all times, unless instructed not to by the patient. As part of the care team we need to respect and protect any legal, moral rights the patient may have. We must not meaningfully cause harm to those around us. These are some code of ethics that Surgical Technologist have towards patient care (Code of Ethics, 2013). Surgical Technologist must always uphold to the maximum professional standards, with that we can not let out thought’s or religious views come in contact with taking good care for the patient. All personal matters regarding the patient must be kept confidential, and not be spread to anyone else in the field unless patient instructed for you to relate the message to a Doctor. For example, from personal experience working in the medical field for a couple of years having to deal with different personal matters I never talked about work outside the office. Especially if you may know the patient outside the office, say like a friend or family member that went to the office regarding a personal matter, and they don’t want anyone to find out it is my …show more content…

Always keeping other people personal concerns to myself, and not meaningfully cause any damage to those trusted to our care. Always working together with others to promote better care for patients; continue personal education to be able to maintain high efficiency in our field. Knowingly everything I do must be towards the best result for everyone involved. Always improving in any skill that comes my way, and showing others that is always possible to do better when you have the right set of mind to do it (Code of

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