Radiologic Technician Vs Nurse Technician

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Compare interprofessional values and ethics.
Nurses versus Radiologist Technologist
Brent Sterling
Ohio State University NRSADVN 4600


In the medical field, there are many disciplines that must work together, using interprofessional collaborative efforts for the good of the patient being served. In regards to the IPEC core competencies for inner professional collaborative practice under values/ethics VE 5, we will be comparing how the nurses collaborate with radiologic technicians. The focus of this paper will be centered around how the two disciplines work in cooperation with those who receive care, those who provide care, and others who contribute to support the delivery of prevention …show more content…

They sometimes will take on many roles including direct care provider, care coordinator, policymaker, and consultant. (“Code of Ethics for Nurses”, 2017) The nurses conduct always will include the affirmative action to duty to prevent harm to their patients. To protect them from any type of harassment, intimidation, manipulation, threats, or violence. (“Code of Ethics for Nurses”, 2017) The radiologic technician’s code of ethics number 1, states that they will act in a professional manner, and respond to patient needs and will support colleagues and associates by providing quality patient care. (“ARRT STANDARDS OF ETHICS”, 2016) Under the ARRT standards of ethics number 2, states how the principal objective is to provide services to humanity with respect and dignity to all mankind. The ARRT standards of ethics number 3, states that they will deliver patient care regardless of the patient’s disease or illness, and without discrimination based on sex, race, creed, religion, or so she’ll economic status. (“ARRT STANDARDS OF ETHICS”, …show more content…

When incompetent, unethical, illegal, or impaired practice is not corrected and continues to jeopardize patient well-being and safety, nurses must report the problem to appropriate external authorities such as practice committees, professional organizations, licensing boards, and regulatory or quality assurance agencies. (“Code of Ethics for Nurses”, 2017) basically meaning that nurses must do whatever it takes to protect the patient. The radiologic technician’s code of ethics number 8, states that the radiologic technologist practices ethical conduct appropriate to the profession and protects the patient’s right to quality radiology technology and care. (“ARRT STANDARDS OF ETHICS”, 2016) it does not go any further for the protection of patients’ rights. In short the nursing code of ethics encompasses far more for the patient than the radiologic technologist standard of ethics does, and promotes better interprofessional

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