Cold War Ideology

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The cold war was characterized being a psychological war, sort of ideological or even statement. Mostly every conflict developed in this context were moved by political wills, and served by the intentions of politics and regimens, just like USA, USSR, China, Japan that implemented every type of manipulations, including mass media, and communications enterprises, using propaganda to fulfill their political intentions. This sinister war between ideologies, in the first side the capitalist, commanded by USA and almost every part of the world, on the other hand the “red vision”, the “commies” called properly as the Communists ideology adopted by the USSR, this ideology reached Korea as well, where in the beginning of this conflict the leaders …show more content…

In other examples of what this ideological conflict meant Mao Zeng (leader of China, also a massive dictator, attributed at least 19 million murders) use to refer conveniently to the soldiers as “volunteers” to avoid negative connotations between society, Truman (president of USA) also, instead of calling it a war, he used to call it a conflict, more specifically “police action for the flags and values of UN” with the purpose of avoid a confrontation directly to USSR and also avoid the pressure of the local media, achieving an unperceptive war, which was mostly forgotten as a war for the country that he addressed. In the middle of this conflict Korea took place as a strategic trench, where the number of murders surpassed the 2 million, those numbers were important for the stats book, because unfortunately anybody in the US is aware of those terrifying …show more content…

Of course, across this power and control, reach the extension of communist ideology in all the countries that were considered in the secure zone (previously explained), obviously in a process of control and power, reaching the extension that they wanted, or even so they have dream as the transcendental purpose. Korea had the advantage, of focusing the attention of the US in Asia, provoking the distraction of it, and making them forget momently of the European situation, China did not want the increase of the American power in the Pacific, as well the soviets thought that a “commie” Korea will make them feel safer, avoiding the US form using it as a nuclear

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