Collapse Of The Aztecs Essay

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One of the biggest and main reasons due to why the Aztec civilization collapsed was because when the Europeans arrived and brought deadly diseases such smallpox, measles and influenza. These diseases were introduced in Mexico and Peru at the year September-November 1520 and was deadly and bad enough to kill 80% of the Aztecs which is approximately 15 million people. Not only did the disease kill people but they also destroyed their land and culture, this caused the Aztecs to struggle a lot. The topic of this essay is about how the Europeans brought the diseases to the Aztecs and caused them to fail and collapse.

The Aztecs had no immunity to the diseases which led the Spanish conquistadors to have the advantage over the Aztecs. The diseases lasted about 5 years just destroying everything the Aztecs had to defend themselves from the Spanish conquistadors. Theses diseases such as smallpox, really damaged the …show more content…

“The Aztecs had their own system of medicine that relied heavily on the use of herbal remedies, acupuncture and surgery. They believed that diseases were often caused by supernatural forces and that the body needed to be brought back into balance through a combination of physical and spiritual treatments”. The Aztecs thought the diseases was what’s causing supernatural forces and could have been restored using physical and spiritual treatments. “However, there is a historical evidence that the Aztecs had their own system of medicine that relied on herbal remedies, acupuncture and surgery. It is possible that the impact of diseases on the Aztec healthcare system was significant”. When the Europeans introduced the diseases the Aztec population of priests, warriors, artisans and farmers was decreasing. The Aztecs was then unable to use the healthcare system as it required those people to provide the food, textiles to keep the system

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