College Admissions Essay: The Most Significant Thing In My Life

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Your perception of what is significant will serve as the primary motivation for your actions. As Americans, we relish diversity. We cherish our differences, we even celebrate them. This idea of unification through diversity is embedded into our minds at a young, impressionable age when we recite “one nation under God”, with our hands over our hearts. Yet when asked the simple question of: “what is distinctively important to you and your life?”, many of us struggle to piece together a coherent answer. Once an individual is able to identify the element they perceive to be significant, they will be able to pinpoint exactly what they want out of life. Their goals, ambitions and perceptions will no longer appear to be unclear ideas that are too far out of reach to understand. …show more content…

Education has provided me with a powerful insight and immense awareness of the world around me, as well as the world perceived within my own self. The abrupt loss of my father is my early adolescence evoked the fear that I may not be able to afford an education beyond high school. I refused to settle for this idea. I refused to perceive college as being a distant, unlikely luxury my financial situation would not be able to grant. My authentic love for learning and unquenchable desire to understand the people and things around me fueled this obstinacy. This desire to further my education motivated me to worker harder and enroll in more rigorous courses of interest. My education and teachers became less arbitrary and began to become significant forces in my life. Attending school meant more than just memorizing tedious, blatant facts day after day. A series of phenomenal teachers who used lectures to inspire and educe passion within my own life made a prodigious

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