College Athletes Persuasive Essay

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In 2012, Nike released a product and with it, the following advertising slogan was unveiled, “Life is a sport, make it count!” While the product in large part fizzled, the catchphrase continues to inspire athletes of all ages to stay busy with physical activity. For many senior athletes, this motto serves as a central theme in the decision process to pursue a sport at the college level. Although there are many critical crossroads that occur during the senior year of high school, none is more challenging than the resolution to invest the significant amount of time that is required of a college athlete. While there are numerous ways that a student can make “their sport count,” most credit the decision to the financial benefit package, prestige …show more content…

With that being said, playing a sport in college offers a student the opportunity to earn a significant portion of their education costs. As an additional bonus, athletes are occasionally offered more elaborate living arrangements which are school funded. Besides freedom from the obligations of tuition and room and board, athletes usually receive other perks such as fashionable team gear, quality sports equipment, and the privilege to use sophisticated training facilities. No matter the physical and emotion toll that athletics may impart on a student, the monetary benefits make it a compelling …show more content…

Mia Hamm, arguably the best female soccer player of all time said, “Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become, the hours of practice, and the coaches who have pushed you, is a little girl who fell in love with the game. Play for her.” Surprisingly enough, this simple reason is at the very core of the decision process for numerous stars. Many seniors find the impending end of an athletic career overwhelming and they seek out opportunities to continue their passion at the college level. As a result, the love of the game attracts them to compete at a higher level, and for those, the daily grind is worth the effort that an athletic commitment

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