Commentary On Opening Skinner's Box By Lauren Slater

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Opening Skinners Box In Lauren Slater book “Opening Skinner’s Box” her main argument is about who Skinner was and what he did. Some might ask why do we need to know about Skinner if we have never heard of someone with that name? Basically why was he important or what he did was important? Slater mentions that skinner had a daughter was he using her to help him find out new experiments? According to Slater “There’s a man called Skinner.” He was born in March 20, 1904 In Pennsylvania where he also lived and grew up. Graduated on 1926 and wanted to become a professional writer. Things didn’t go as he planned he ended up going to Harvard University where he began his experiments. Skinner was a man that had an ugly name that to college student his name would mean evil. Despite his ugly name Skinner was a psychologist. In the year of 1971 Skinner was “named the most influential …show more content…

“The legend says he built a baby box in which he kept his daughter Deborah for two full years in order to train her.” In other word he used his daughter to achieve an experiment. Once she was thirty-one years old she sued her dad for abuse in a genuine court of law. She didn’t win the case. One question is that why would have he used his daughter for an experiment. According to slater, Skinner wrote books. Some of the books he wrote were “Walden Two and Beyond Freedom and Dignity.” Walden Two was about a behavioral engineering, where the reinforcement that was being used by the scientific control of humans. Skinner points out that his community would all be governed by “benevolent behaviorists armed with candy canes and blue ribbons.” The book of Beyond Freedom and Dignity is about a taming of mankind to go through the dog obedience system. Besides having an ugly name Skinner has become an intelligent person who sadly passed away. He came up with a lot of experiments that are still being distributing all over the

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