Communist Manifesto Chapter Summary

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The communist manifest was a publication that declared the arguments of the communist party. Two political theorists known as Karl Marx, and Friedrich Engles wrote the manifest in 1847 one year later it was published. By a political party, known as the Communist League, who commissioned the publication. The Communist Manifesto explains the hallmarks of communism. In it Karl Marx, and Friedrich Engles share their belief that at the bases of all conflict is the struggle between classes. According to Friedrich Engles “ The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle”. The chapter lays out the competition between the bourgeois and the proletarians. The wealthy class known, as the bourgeois are the ones who own the …show more content…

The rise of bourgeois changed many jobs into wage labor making many only care about the money to survive. The communist manifesto is what you could call the socialist bible. I say this because the idea of this book is based on socialism. Marx and Engles idea behind the manifest was to bring the two classes together. They wanted equal treatment between the classes and the community to work together and build upon each other. Socialism was so weak during this time. These two groups practically hated each other it all came down to money “naked self interest”. Nationalism on the other hand is what dominated this time period. The separation of classes and the want for power is what hurt so many people. The exploitation of wage labor, and competition was the prime of nationalism. The communist manifesto was written in the eye of the industrial revolution. Marx realized the hardships of the underclass as they were working in awful conditions for little to no money causing many to live in poverty. Marx and Engles hope with the manifesto was to urge the classes to come together as one. The industrial revolution was literally killing people as other got

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