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Much to the relief of my parents, my pat answer of a professional athlete, to “What do you want to do in the future?” evaporated when evaluations indicated I had no talent.
Not knowing what careers suited me, I participated in summers programs at Ithaca, Adelphi, Syracuse respectively explored Sports Management, Business, and Engineering careers and worked on my English. I had great experiences, especially at Syracuse, but was still at a loss as to a profession.
Wanting me to determine my direction prior to committing myself to an expensive American college education, my parents insisted on a community college, an option not available in China. SUNY Broome Community College (BCC) was chosen as it offered a variety of easily explorable relevant career path courses for a reasonable price with the bonus of Syracuse being close.
Exploring solely on my where my interests could take me, I easily achieved a 3.8 GPA for 30 credits. I ascribe my success to my subject matter interest and overseeing my own scheduling for the first time, a significant boon, as it made all the difference in what I could accomplish in a day. My first semester I took 4 courses until I realized I was capable of more, so the second semester I added a course plus became a very busy, and I …show more content…

Through BCC coursework, conversations, and research, several potential professions were no longer of interest. Given the results of the American presidential election, I wanted to delve more into a different realm of management with the advantages of knowledge in international relations to gain how statesmanship might be involved. Hence, I am applying to the College of Arts and Sciences as Undecided to take more strenuous classes and acquire broader resources to clarify my thoughts before my junior

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