Company Overview Of Publix Super Markets Inc.

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Publix Super Markets Inc. cemented its position in the hearts of consumers emphasizing customer service and a family-friendly atmosphere over being the low-cost provider. Historically, the Florida native has been hailed the No. 1 supermarket among its regional rivals in the customer satisfaction battle royal. Consumers have been enamored with the fan favorite for over 85 years. Publix service strategies are passionately focused on customer value ensuring customers are provided a shopping experience tailored to bestow upon them the highest degree of satisfaction. This includes their digital space, where shoppers browse for coupons, and physical locations where customer service representatives quickly and happily respond to customer inquiries …show more content…

Publix Super Markets Incorporated's superior customer service and execution have helped it outperform less expensive rivals, however, as rivals implement new pricing strategies and rollout attractive new innovative spaces, it is becoming harder and harder for Publix to maintain its position. The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) reports, "Supermarkets improved customer satisfaction by 6.8 percent to 78, aided by falling food prices, higher quality, and better service. Moreover, The ACSI's annual rankings placed Lakeland-based Publix second with 84 out of 100 points behind Trader Joe's 86 out of 100 points, according to data released in the 2016 ACSI annual report (Fornell, 2017). As the number of shopping alternatives increases with technology innovation and integration into business models, the factors of differentiation begin to decrease and even the most loyal consumers will begin to look for new sources of customer

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