Compare And Contrast A Northern Teacher's View Of The Freedmen

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In the Late Convention of Colored Men, the freedmen described the white men who assumed control of the government immediately following the Civil War as white traitors. The reason they described the white men as white traitors is because though they granted the slaves with freedom for their help during the war, they were left alone by themselves after the Civil War. In addition, the freedmen mentions that though they were a big help for the winning the Civil War, they were treated unfairly, and that even their enemies-southern rebels-were treated better than them, where they were released free, but the freedmen were left by themselves with no care. This freedom for the slaves are worse than slavery, because they were left to make a living by …show more content…

Botume mentions how most of these freed slaves had been without foods for days and many of them are hardly dressed. In addition, when she went to the Battery Plantation, she observed that thirty one people had to share a house with only six rooms, and each room consists very limited resources, where many of the furnitures are used and broken. Botume also mentions that because they were hardly dressed and were lack of foods, many were ill when the cold winter reached. Under such poor situation, Botume asked Beaufort for help, and a doctor came. This doctor was not helpful to the situation, where the doctor shows a sense of racism by saying how these freed slaves are animals and have a less value than cattle, and wished that they all could be put onto a ship and sunk. Botume also describes the condition in Beaufort as a mess, where it is a place for the government officials whom the government cannot deal with. That means leaving these people in charge results in more chaotic situations, and worsen the issue. Though these freed slaves gained freedom, they are in a constant fear of what this peace and freedom meant to them, and worries when it would be a real peace for …show more content…

This is because after the Civil War, the slaves were not granted freedom immediately. Though the slaves are freed and treated more like a human being now, they are still under the management of their old masters. The slaves are now living with their old masters under a relationship more of a boss and workers rather than an owner and properties before hand. Some of the freedmen are treated nicely by their owners, but others were not, and if they get caught escaping, they would be put into jail. This seemed similar as to before the Civil War, the slaves are still under the charge of the owner, instead just receiving a little bit of a better treatment. In addition, Blake mentions that the owners would not inform the freedmen with details, and no matter how much the slaves saved, they are still owning a lot of money according to the white man. Blake also mentions that these black sharecroppers did not demand for a better treatment from the white landowners, because as long as these freedmen worked, they were provided with anything they wanted. This only happens under the condition that these freedmen are efficient workers. On the contrary side, Blake mentions that if the sharecroppers demand for a better treatment, there is the possibility of it transforming into an argument and causing the white landowners to get angry, and when they do, a shooting could likely take

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