Compare And Contrast Beowulf And The Hero's Journey

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Despite the time gap between the two, both the movie Rocky and the epic poem Beowulf follow Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. Just like beowulf, the film Rocky is a great example of the hero's journey because it follows the hero’s journey from beginning to end.

The Hero's journey is also applied to the epic poem Beowulf. In the poem, Beowulf receives that call by knowing that the kingdom of King Hrothgar needs his help in fighting a demon, so he willingly decides to go to Denmark. In the hero's journey it is implied that next the hero is supposed to refuse the call, however, Beowulf never refused the call and was actually quite confident in himself. Upon arriving, Beowulf reaches the next step, "Tests, Allies, Enemies". Beowulf first faces …show more content…

Upon returning Beowulf receives his reward, fame and later on the kingdom. The resurrection happens when Beowulf is much older and is tested once more by an ancient dragon. Although Beowulf kills the dragon he is fatally wounded and soon dies. He is only able to bring back the elixir in the form of a tower built alongside the dragon's treasure.

The hero's journey in the Film Rocky is quite similar to that of Beowulf’s. The call to adventure in Rocky was when Boxing Champion Apollo Creed looks for a new challenger to take on, he comes up with the idea of giving a local no-name boxer a chance at the title. He eventually looks through a registry and picks out Rocky, aka “The Italian Stallion”. Being out of shape and lacking a trainer, Rocky refuses the call and does not want to fight Apollo. Rocky meets with the mentor who, in this film, is trainer Mickey. He gets Rocky back in shape, both physically and mentally. Rocky then comes across Tests, allies and Enemies. One of the tests he encounters is training, which includes push ups, running, and punching slabs of hanging beef. He then meets the love of his life, Adrian, an ally. His enemy is Apollo. The approach occurs when Rocky visits the ring one night before the fight. The ordeal of the movie happens when Rocky steps in the ring with Apollo, they both endure a brutal beating and are pushed to their limits. After the fight is declared a draw rocky receives his reward which in this case would be nothing …show more content…

Every hero needs an ally to keep pushing them to do their best and for Rocky this person was Adrian, Rocky's girlfriend. The herald is George Jargens. He announces to Rocky that Apollo wants to give him a shot at the heavyweight title. This give Rocky a reason to leave his old life behind and cross the threshold. There's no tricksters to be
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found even though you could slightly consider Apollo a trickster for all the times he mocks Rocky. Although odd, Mentor Mickey would be both a shapeshifter and a mentor. He is a shapeshifter because as first he was against Rocky but then ended up helping him. He is also considered a mentor because he helped Rocky by giving him all the knowledge he could about the sport of boxing. The only person who really tested rocky and served as a guardian was Rocky himself. He spent so much time doubting himself that in the end it ended up hurting him and creating more barriers. After he was able to overcome his doubts he was finally ready to take on the shadow of this movie. Apollo is Rocky's rival and he is who Rocky strives to defeat. Throughout the movie Apollo is seen as cocky and very over confident. He also shows no respect towards

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