Compare And Contrast Biomedical Informatics

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A discipline can be described as a set of processes that involves a series of methods, techniques, and theories that are applied to find a solution to a real life situation. These can be found in subjects like mathematics and biomedical informatics. Comparatively, these two are very similar as they define methodologies and theories. However, their applications (i.e. physics and bioinformatics) are very different in defining low and high level processes for what they are studying. The terms biomedical informatics and bioinformatics may look and sound similar, which can cause confusion between the two because they are often improperly used synonymously. One is considered basic research while the latter is applied research. Biomedical informatics …show more content…

A researcher can analyze an entire genome in the same way with a report that includes genes, biomarkers, and chemical interaction in a patient case to develop a drug suitable for the patient. Clinical informatics utilizes the same methodological ideas and techniques to analyze, store, and retrieve data for an individual patient. A clinician can compile a patient report that includes symptoms, lab results, and diagnosis to develop a treatment plan for the patient. The ability to store and retrieve this data for future use, allows both the clinician and researcher to continue their work from where they left off and eliminate the time and inaccuracies that can occur without the help of technology. Math is similar to biomedical informatics in the way that it is an umbrella term; coupling applications, like physics and statistics, which share the same core mathematical methods and theories that analyze situations in their respective areas. Physics studies and describes the forces acting upon an object and can predict its projectile. Statistics uses methodologies to organize sets of numbers and determine probability. Similarly, bioinformatics and clinical informatics begin by compiling and analyzing data from a molecular level to an individual as a …show more content…

Programming and designing software that is easy to use and stores necessary information that is quick to retrieve, can unite a network of doctors as well as connect patients to their medical records. A platform that allows this ability for nationwide access would be beneficial as it allows doctors across all fields to share evidence to accurately diagnose a patient. Due to the nature of the content, patient confidentiality and security needs to be enforced before this application can be

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