Compare And Contrast Cinderella And Disney

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When I was little, all I wanted to see was Disney movies, especially Cinderella. It is a sweet, feel- good fairy tale that’s just so gripping. But, have you ever noticed how different the film is to the original story? There are many similarities and differences when you compare the two versions. The Brothers Grimm story is about a young girl named Ella that had her mother die when she was really little. She was raised by her stepmother and her father, who treated her very poorly, and had to grow up with two beautiful but evil stepsisters. She was treated like a servant and had to sleep near the fireplace every night for warmth, wake up early to cook and clean, and only had a smock to wear during the day and night. One day, there is a king’s ball in the palace for the prince to find a wife and every eligible lady is to attend, but not poor Cinderella. She cried to her mother’s grave and the birds gave her fine dresses, shoes, and lavish accessories to go to the ball for three days, where she meets the prince, falls in love, and later lives happily ever after. The Disney version is about a young girl who is raised by her stepmom because both of her parents died and is forced to be a maid and wait on her step- family’s hand and foot. She attended the ball, despite her wicked stepmother and her ugly daughters, and meets the prince, fell in love and had to leave because the clock struck midnight, which was the time all the magical things her fairy godmother gave her would turn

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