Compare And Contrast Congress And Foreign Policy

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The congress and foreign policy In many of the different presidential campaigns one of the main things the candidates talk about doing is managing foreign affairs and working on foreign policy. They say this with lots of gusto and appeal to the peoples fear factor when in fact they are somewhat mistaken in what powers they will inherit as president. They do not know that the founding fathers did not intend for them to have this kind of power. You can see from the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, and the Federalist Papers that our founding fathers had originally intended for congress to be the main branch of the government that would work on foreign policy and affairs. In the federalist papers under the topic “Concerning Dangers from Foreign Force and Influence” found in article No. two the founding father John Jay introduces a policy of congress. This is where congress is split into different comities that run different aspects and responsibilities. He says, to quote “This convention composed of men who possessed the confidence of the people” that is only a little part of the quote. John jay was a federalist and …show more content…

They can declare war, raise armies and also fund them. They can make rules about the military and what they should do. They have to organize and arm raise militias. They also make rules and enforce them against other nations breaking their rules for the United States. Congress also gets to approve the military budget as well. Over all congress has ultimate power over foreign affairs. They control and consent to wars, peace treaties, embassies going and coming into this country and they also create and support the military. The president only give propositions and ideas of what congress should do. This really debunks the idea of the presidential campaigns saying that they will work on trade and declare war on Isis and ideas like that. That under the constitution cannot

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