Compare And Contrast Democrats And Federalists

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First American Party System: Federalists and Republicans
Why do we have separate political parties? Was it always Democratic and Republican? - No. We used to have two different political parties other than the ones we have today. We used to have a Federalists and Republican. Federalists were the ones for the rich and against the British rule. The Federalists party is not around anymore, because it was dismissed in the year 1824. Which turned into the Democratic Party. The Federalists and Republicans had many differences in their plan, one was for rich and the other is for the poor. If they joined together they would make America better, but unfortunately they did not. The better party would have to be Republics, because the power would go to the people and if we were farmers we might develop at …show more content…

There was one party that wanted to separate from Britain and one that did not. The one that wanted to break away from Britain was the Federalists. Republicans did not want to break away from Britain. In article 6 section 6.1: Hamilton states he is anti- French and anti- British. As in article6 section 6.4: Jefferson is pro- French and pro- British.
In the end the Federalists won, because we went to war with the British and we broke away from Brittan. Plus it says men should rule in question two on the Divisive issue paper that Hamilton believed to Government over men, that is what happened. It says that the rich should rule over the poor and that is what happened. Plus during our discussion during class you had stated that the Federalists had won.
The position in both parties that are the same would have to be Legislature branch, because they still deal with making laws and all that. I would also have to say secretary of state, because the secretary deals with rejecting a doctrine, decides if an examine whether a difference ought to be permitted, and also reports that a national bank is an institution of primary

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