Compare And Contrast Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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If i had to compare Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, i would say that they are two very different people. Dr.Jekyll only worries about himself. Mr.Hyde on the other hand is kind of nice to me. Mr.Hyde seems to be sort of like Dr.Jekyll's enemy. It seems as though that Mr.Hyde wants Dr.jekyll's lead. Dr.Jekyll is not a good enemy because he never knows what is going on, and im just saying that's how it seems. Dr.Jekyll is this kind of unsmart guy who expects everything to go his way. He thinks he controls everything. Even though he's a doctor he should be a little more nice. He does not listen to anyone but himself. Mentally I think he is all messed up. Physically he seems drained, and i dont even think he has morals. Now getting to Mr.Hyde, who seems

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