Compare And Contrast Essay On Lebron James Vs Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan vs LeBron James

Michael Jordan and LeBron James are the top of the list for greatest basketball players to ever be in the NBA. Michael Jordan is a 6’6” 216 lb shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls in 1984-1993, 1995-1998. LeBron James is a 6’8” 250 lb small forward who played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003-2010, then went to the Miami Heat from 2010-2014 and now he’s signed back with Cleveland. These two legends are always being compared on ESPN, NBA fans, and people who thrive for basketball. They are well known guys for the hard work and effort they put in their career.
Michael Jordan and LeBron James both made it to the college for basketball and then to the NBA. They had dreamed big and wanted to do what only a few …show more content…

They are able to dunk over the greatest of all time. Michael Jordan having won 2 dunk contest but LeBron was never in one. Just because the fact he never really cared for it. They both have very high vertical jumps at 48 inches and that is 4 feet high in the air. They both do amazing dunks like the windmill, tomahawk, or even a 360 reverse dunk shown on
Michael Jordan and LeBron James have their own shoes out. Jordans and LeBrons are the most sold shoes and they are an average of about $200-300 as shown on Lebron shoes have a crown on them and backwards Nike symbol. Michael Jordan is him dunking with the legs spread. They were both signed by Nike. They have socks too that have their symbol on them. Basketball players buy their stuff a lot and they make millions of their brand. They also have jackets, shirts, shorts, and sweatpants …show more content…

LeBron on the other hand only has 28 points per game. But LeBron has 8.4 rebounds per game and Michael only has 6.4. LeBron assists are higher too with him having 6.4 assists per game and Michael Jordan having 5.7 assists per game. But on defense again Michael has 2.1 steals per game and LeBron only has 1.7. Michael and LeBron tie in blocks with 0.9 blocks per game again. But in the win’s Michael Jordan has won 6 championships and Lebron only has 2. The playoffs seem to come easy for Jordan but James had a hard time until he played for the Miami Heat where he get his first two rings as shown on

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