Compare And Contrast Garinger And Jenkins

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The article “ Juveniles deserve life sentence” by Gail Garinger is more affective than Jennifer Jenkins argument, for the reason that Ms. Garinger is a juvenile court judge who has withness many cases than jenkins. For that reason it make her a credible source to her own argument. Ms. Garinger and Ms. Jenkins do have some of the same features in their arguments. Even though both articles have different perspective of the topic. Garinger article states that “ As a former juvenile court judge , I have seen first hand…..” In Jenkins argument it explains that , “ My younger sister was the joy of our close family. When a teenager murdered her and her husband in 1990 in suburban Chicago , she was pregnant with their first child.” These quotes explicate that both author have experience this topic in different forms but also know what they are writing about in which case make them credible. Even though these articles have similarities they also differentiate themselves by jenkins emotion take over her judgment. …show more content…

Jenkins and Ms. Garinger have good similar arguments but they also have different features as well. Jenkin uses more emotion in her argument and not have so much examples and if she did she did not say were she retrived these sources. Its states that “ these ofenders in our cases was a serial killer in the making.” Here she gives us a source but did not quote were she received it. In Ms. Garinger article does give us an anecdote and also examples , but she explicates were she got it. In a piece of her article it tells us “ group of criminologist predict.” Here is shows us that were she got the quote from and also what it means. Ms Jenkis lack of resources made her essay based on her emotions and not evidence while Ms Garinger show us were and who she got her sources from and gives her more credibility in her

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