Compare And Contrast Harper Lee And Truman Capote

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Harper Lee and Truman Capote first met in 1928. Neglected by his parents, Capote spent most of his childhood in Monroeville with his aunts, who were neighbors with the Lees. Despite their opposite personalities, the two became friends. Capote, a sensitive child who wore “fancy clothes” was picked on by other boys. Lee, on the other hand, was a tomboy that was “tougher than many of the boys” (“Harper Lee Biography”). She acted as Capote’s protector, as was not afraid to stand against his bullies.

As adults, Lee and Capote remained friends, but also became colleagues. In 1959, Lee traveled to Kansas with Capote to help him on an article on a murder case. Lee served as a research assistant; she interviewed townspeople, compiled notes, and shared
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