Compare And Contrast James Madison And The Making Of America

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James Madison and the Making of America SECTION ONE - VOCABULARY Strenuously (Adj) - Using or requiring great extent Dubious (Adj) - Hesitating or doubting Cessions (Noun) - The formal giving up of rights, property or territory, especially by a state Acquiescence (Noun) - The reluctant acceptance of something without a protest Enumerated (Verb) - Mention (a number of things) one by one Veneration (Noun) - Great respect; reverence Insurmountable (Adj) - Too great to overcome Rumination (Noun) - A deep or considered thought about something Rectitude (Noun) - Morally correcting behavior or thinking; righteousness Prudent (Adj) - Acting with or showing care and thought for the future The dubious, King George III of England (1738-1820) was strenuously …show more content…

Gutzman writes, “There is no stone inscribed with Madison’s preferred titles from among the long list of names he earned, including Co-Author of The Federalist, Co-Author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights, Founder of the Republican party, Author of the Virginia Resolutions of 1798 and the Report of 1800, Rector of the University of Virginia, President of the American Colonization Society, and Sponsor of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom - not to mention all the political offices he held, mostly to great effect.” (Gutzman 262). James Madison was not limited to political papers during the forming of the newly named America. Madison helped form the Democratic Republicans (now the Republican Party). If Madison hadn’t been a huge part of American politics since America was formed roughly two years after (1784) and went on until 1817, American politics would likely be dramatically different due to how involved Madison was within the political realm. If I were to rename this book, I would entitle it, ‘James Madison’s Contributions to America’, as Madison’s legacy shines through the political contributions he

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