Compare And Contrast Mycofoam And Syroflam

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In an advanced production world, non-eco-friendly products are gaining attention from the company as well as the mother earth. The waste that produced today will pollute the environment later. Styrofoam is used mainly for packaging due to its lightweight. But now, we suggest replacing Styrofoam to Mycofoam. Mycofoam main ingredient is mycelium. Mycelium is a natural hydrophobic fungus that can repel water. To prove Mycofoam will be the best alternative as a packaging material, Mycofoam and Styrofoam have a very similar characteristic. It is introduced to the industry that benefits the environment. A huge positive impact to help the society that has high living standard and hazard-free environment nevertheless, allowed Mother Nature to be free from pollution.

First and foremost, Mycofoam is already proven as a good replacement of Styrofoam. As a matter of fact, Styrofoam or plastic wrap is normally discarded after they have been used for packages or boxes, due to it is non-recyclable. Hence, piling up the garbage around the world, where it might last 500 years or even forever. During production, the chemical released harm the environment and cause pollutions especially for land and water pollution. In contrast, Mycofoam can be reuse, recycle, and rebuild to a new products, it helps to reduce wastage of material and is able to protect the environment. Now, Mycofoam is infused with seedlings. The seedlings are grown once the Mycofoam decomposed near suitable condition.

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