Compare And Contrast Persian And Assyrians

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The Assyrian empire and the Persian empire were two of the earliest major empires in the world. The Assyrians came in to power first, ruling from 900 BC to about 600 BC and with the help of Cyrus the Great, the Persians rose to power around 550BC. The Assyrian and Persian militaries shared many similarities, but they also differed in some aspects. Some of their similarities include their battle tactics, the organization of their armies, and their success in conquering societies. One of the major differences that stood out the most was that the Assyrians used a more brutal approach when conquering and the Persians used a more enlighten approach and were more tolerant. When comparing the two military systems, it is easy to see that the Assyrians were a more hostile group than the Persians. “The Assyrian war machine was the most efficient military force in the ancient world up until the fall of the empire in 612 BCE. The secret to its success was a professionally trained …show more content…

The Assyrians held a huge obsession with war and because of this, many casualties resulted leading to their downfall. Due to the many causalities, their numbers begin to dwindle and outsiders began to see this as an opputunity to attack and take over. In the end, they were in such a weakened state that, they eventually were defeated by the people of Babylon and they were no longer an independent state.
The Persian empire came to power with the help of a powerful leader. This powerful leader was known as Cyrus the Great. Cyrus the Great was a very tolerant person and he did not believe in using fear to intimidate his opponents. Cyrus believed in forming an allegiance with the towns that he conquered and being tolerant of their beliefs and lifestyles. Because of his approach, he was able to conquer a vast area during his time of rule. Cyrus the Great was considered one of the greatest conquers of his

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