Compare And Contrast Persia And Mongols

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The Mongols in China, and the Mongols in Persia were similar and different in multiple ways. The Mongols in China and Persia were similar in the way that the Mongols treated the non-Mongols, the role of the non-Mongols, and what led to the collapse of the Mongols. The difference between the two is how the Mongols took over the area, the restrictions on non-Mongols, and the results of non-Mongols in the area.

The Mongols in China and the mongols in Persia both treated the non-Mongols the same. The both made them work. They had a few jobs for them to work. The non-Mongols in both places were in the lower class. And another similarity between the two is how they fell. The Mongols in China and the Mongols in Persia fell in similar ways. The …show more content…

Chinggis Khan unified the mongols, and he started to pay attention to the parts of central Asia and the societies that settled around there. They attacked Turkish people that ruled Tibet, Northern China, Persia, and Central Asia. Chinggis extended the mongol rule to Northern China, since 1127 C.E, but the conquest began in 1211 C.E. In 1215 they captured Jurchen and in 1220 the mongols had control over China. Khubilai extended the mongol rule to all of china and in 1279 Chinggis proclaimed himself ruler. The Mongols in Persia conquered the area by having one half on the army in northern China while the other half was sent to Afghanistan and Persia. Shah did not like Chinggis and ordered to murder him, but failed. The next year Chinggis gathered his army for revenge. He chased Khwarazm Shah to the island in the Caspian Sea, where he died. They shattered Shah’s army and they took control. The second difference between the two is the restrictions to the non-Mongol. The non-Mongols in China were not able to learn the mongolian language. The non-Mongols in Persia did not have restrictions. The last difference is the result of Mongols in the area. In Persia the result of the Mongols was that they were able to trade. The result of the Mongols in China is also trade, but they also mixed culture, so the Mongols became a part of

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