Compare And Contrast Renaissance And Baroque Music

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The Renaissance and Baroque periods of music are two very similar and different eras. The Renaissance which began after the end of the Middle Ages in 1450 and ended the beginning of the 1600s, this is where the Baroque period starts. The beginning of the Renaissance period was compromised of sacred and religious music cultivating from the middle ages. Before the Renaissance period music had to be copied and re-written by hand, which was a very difficult task to do continuously. During the Renaissance period however, printing was invented, which made producing music easier and also changed a lot of other things in other areas. The Baroque period on the other hand, spanning 150 years from the beginning of the 1600s to 1750, was divided into three parts: The Early Baroque period, The Middle Baroque period and The Late Baroque period. While these two eras start right after each other, there are a lot of differences between them, this shows how much music can evolve through time.
There are many similarities and differences in characteristics between the two periods. They’re both very similar in texture, in that they’re both polyphonic. Although sometimes homophonic textures are also used in both eras. Most pieces of music in these two periods, consist of two or more simultaneous lines of independent melody. A difference between the two eras would be in rhythm and melody. In the Renaissance period, music was composed of a gentle flow of beats instead of one beat. However, in the

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