Compare And Contrast Senate Vs House Of Representatives

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In this Essay I will discuss the differences between the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate. From our reading we know that the United States Government is made up of three branches. These three branches include the executive branch, which consists of the President, Vice President, and other officials. The Judicial branch, which oversees the court systems of the United States. The last of the three branches is the Legislative branch, which consists of Congress. Congress is made of two houses known as the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate and the House of Representatives are different in many ways, even though they both are a part of the legislative branch of the government. First, there are differences…show more content…
In the U.S. Senate bills can be introduced directly on the floor and referred to committee by a majority leader. Within the House of Representatives bills must be introduced into the "hopper" and referred to committee by the house speaker. The speaker of the House of Representatives may create ad hoc committees, which is a committee formed for a specific purpose of addressing particular issues. The Senate does not have the ability to create ad hoc committees. The House of Representatives have 435 members, and are larger in size compared to the Senate's 100 seats. Because the house is so much larger than the Senate, they are governed by different floor debate rules. The house does not allow unlimited debate, such as the Senate. The House of representatives has the House rules committee, in which each bill must pass through before it can be debated on the floor. The House rules committee determines the debate time and amendments that will be permitted for each bill. The debate floor of the Senate is much less rigid then that of the House, and its flexibility usually benefits the minority, as opposed to the majority that is benefited by the House

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